Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Weather - Insanely Warm!

Wowee, would you look at the weather for this next week! Crazy warm for February! I'm thinking that there is a beach day in our near future as it is Winter Vacation for us;-)

Snowy morning

We awoke to 8" of fluffy, new snow on the ground. Kinda like a late Christmas present! Although, with the slick layer of ice that is on the ground, under the ice, walking is treacherous!
It is gorgeous outside, and the temp. should rise to 38F under a sunny sky this afternoon;-) This gives us 66.75" of snow thus far this winter season.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tiny bit of snow followed by rain. UGH!

We got 2.5 inches of snow followed by snow. I am not, not, not liking this new winter weather pattern we are in!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Snow Total thus far

Snow Total thus far this winter: 56" of snow.
We got around 8" of snow from this storm.

The ground surfaces, where we have walked and driven the car, are glare ice. The only thing keeping Drew upright, as he snow throws the driveway and pathways, is that he is gripping the snow thrower. And, he is even wearing diamond grip YakTrax.  It is treacherous because the snow is on top of the ice but is not sticking to it. This situation adds an extra layer of slippage! Treacherous!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


There is no school today as we have the potential for plowable snow, followed by mixed precipitation, of course. The, we'll have two afternoons to play in the snow before we get rain over the weekend and 11 days of above freezing temperatures. I cannot voice my displeasure enough about this weather pattern we continue to have. Gone are the days of just heading out our back door to snowshoe or hike in the packed snow of the woods. Now, we have to wear Yaktrax for traction on ice in the woods, if we can even get there by "skating" through our backyard! Anywho, here is the storm report:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Maine PLT Immersion and Transition Workshop

Wowee! What a phenomenal two days I just had. I attended a Maine Project Learning Tree Immersion and Transition Gathering, at Camp Kieve. There were so many parts to this weekend, from which I gained a lot of new ideas about workshop and content delivery. To be part of such a dynamic group of people is always so humbling. I was surrounded by seasoned movers and shakers in the world of environmentalism, as well as young, upcoming superstars. There was such an incredible wealth of information delivered by foresters, environmental educators, university students and professors, Maine Audubon, and the Maine Environmental Education Association president, as well as science teachers from all grade levels. We even had a national PLT representative from Washington, DC, as well as Shari Templeton from the Maine Dept. of Education. AWESOME and awe inspiring!
Here are our three fearless leaders - Pat (SFI), Jackie (National PLT), and Pat (Maine PLT)!
And, here is the motto for Camp Kieve.
This is the Camp Kieve Mission Statement, which says alot about this organization and why we enjoy meeting here. 

Snowy weekend

From early Saturday until 9am we got 4" of snow.
We got 1" of snow out of a tiny front before the Saturday storm.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


We got a whopping 0.75" of snow topped with a bit of sleet. More freezing rain to come making for icy roads and walkways. So, school is closed. I, for one, do not mind going to school into July if we have to. Better to be safe in wintertime.