Thursday, May 7, 2015

Native Plants

I love native plants. I try to find them at plant sales whenever possible. Here are a couple more that I have around the property.

Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh, or Bugbane, is a native, eastern North American perennial plant. It grows in woodlands, and likes shady areas.

Unfortunately, I planted it near the front of one of my semi-shade gardens, and I am finding that it is spreading out into my bulbs. I may have to dig as much of it up as I can and transplant it to the back of the garden...but then again, I do so enjoy its long, arching flower spikes. And, the bees like it too. It is somewhat of a late season flowering plant, so it provides the bees food when other plants have stopped flowering. Here you see one of the shoots just having sprouted up through the soil. It has a long way to go before it morphs into the plant I so love...

Trout Lily
One of my other favorite native plants is the trout lily. I have read that the spotted leaves bring one in mind of the side of a brook trout! Oh, how I do love the looks of brookies!

Trout Lily
These beautiful little bulbs bloom in late spring and go dormant by summer. I love the nodding, yellow flowers. They seem to enjoy the leading edges of my shade gardens. In order to promote abundant flowers, I must remember to fertilize them in early spring.
Trout Lily