Monday, May 18, 2015

Patio Veggie Planter Box

Drew is the best hubby in the world. I don't know of any other man who could possibly put up with all my neuroses. He will do anything to keep me happy, and that includes helping me out in the gardens. 

Since we have fenced in the backyard for the Greyhounds, we have lost our vegetable garden space. That didn't concern me much as my knees have gotten so bad over the last 3 years. But, this year, I decided that I couldn't bear to lose out yet again to eating home grown, fresh garden veggies. So, we bought a City Pickers Patio Garden Kit. My mother had something similar for quite a few years and was very pleased with the results.

Drew adds plant food
Today, we decided to assemble it and plant seeds. Drew had to admit that the height of the garden kit is perfect. He used two plastic saw horses as the base for the kit, and it is incredibly sturdy. 
Planting mix gets mounded up

I am sooo excited to eventually see the fruits of our labor, so to speak! I planted 2 rows of cucumbers, one on each outside row, and then lettuce, arugula, and parsley in the middle. 

Black plastic covers the soil to keep it warm
Holes are cut for the seeds

I may have been a bit too enthusiastic with my plan. 
Eight cucumber plants might just take over the planter! Ummm...they are supposed to be short stemmed, but I cannot figure out how I am going to keep them from falling out of the planter!

I may have to stabilize them 
with some supports eventually. But, then again, I am getting way ahead of myself;-) Let the growing season begin! (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

The seeds