Sunday, June 21, 2015

Patio Planter Box and Frame

Drew built a frame around the City Picker's planter box. He used some old lumber (from the back porch that was torn up earlier this year), and fencing that we had laying around from our old gardening projects from years ago (pre-greyhound adoption years.) 

He attached fencing to it, for support of the cucumber plants, in the hope that they will attach their tendrils to it and grow up the fencing. 
All the plants are finally growing taller with the warmer weather. I know that the cucumbers prefer a soil temperature of at least 70F, and with our cool springtime weather, they were a bit slow to get started.
It sure is nice to be gardening again, even with such a tiny garden. We may add another planter box next year, if this one is as successful as I think it will be. My aching back is ever so grateful...

I picked my first handful of arugula to put onto my sandwich for lunch. Yummy! Happy, Happy, Happy!