Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stump Garden heads into Early Summer

Early summer flowering plants are emerging
Ahhh, the ever changing stump garden keeps me intrigued on a daily basis. New shoots pop up while young flowers unfurl, presenting waves of vibrant colors for the garden. And finally, old flower petals drop off leaving ovaries behind to create more seeds to start the cycle again.
Peonies, Sweet William, and pink clover dominate

The last, bright orange poppy is on the wane.
Currently, the garden is going through a "changing of the color guard" as the last poppy flower sticks out like a bright, orange sore thumb. I've left a few poppy ovaries to mature, for seed distribution, at the end of the season. What a change from a few weeks ago!
Pink and red colors now dominate the garden as the peony plant is topped with huge, deep fuchsia blooms. 
Pinks (Dianthus)
Behind it, on the stump, the pinks (Dianthus) are finally in bloom with their low growing flowers.
Sweet William (Dianthus)

Sweet William (Dianthus)
Sweet William, another Dianthus flower, has taken a particular liking to the stump garden. I have it in semi-shade and light sunny areas. It is variable in coloration from red, to fuschia, to white.
Clover with bumblebee
And finally, what would a garden be without some clover? I let the clover grow wherever it wants, as it provides bumblebees with much needed nectar.