Monday, June 8, 2015

Wellies take a walk

I just arrived home from NYC, where I attended the most amazing celebration of life - a memorial for my sweet, sister Jane. Early this morning, before departing NYC for home, my most awesome bro-in-law, David, asked if I would like any of Jane's clothes. Well, there is nothing more that I wanted than to wear something that my sister had worn. I feel so close to her when wrapping my body in her apparel.  So, through her closet we went. And, we found a treasure...her new wellies!

Jane had always wanted some LL Bean boots, but they were out of those most coveted by the majority of the Maine population, so apparently she ordered some wellies, unbeknownst to me. She only got to wear them a couple of times, in NYC, before cancer took her away from us. The minute I saw those wellies, I knew that I just had to have them. 

You see, the timing was perfect. I had just gone to Target last week, looking for a pair, because mine had a few blowouts at the seams. But, there were no wellies to be found. And, you know that no Mainer can live without his or her wellies! (Now, please note that I'd rather that my sister was alive to wear this pair, but I think that she is smiling upon seeing that I have already taken them out for their maiden voyage around our property in Maine.

Out we went, my wellies and I, for a walk on this damp afternoon. First, we traversed the front yard, so that they could see the flowers and stumps that I love so much. 
Stump with pinks and chives nearby

My wellies raced to the stump garden to explore. Before I knew it, they were posing with the greenery of the pinks, on the stump, and the chives nearby.

Blue Flag Irises
Then, they saw the irises...Blue Flag irises are a bit more petite than your larger garden variety of irises, and my wellies were very enthusiastic upon seeing them. The irises are in full bloom next to the stump. And, I told my wellies that this variety of irises would soon be blooming in Caesar pond as well.

But, before we went over to the pond, we just had to gawk at the lupines which are in full bloom in the secondary stump garden. We only have purple lupines, but you can see groupings of pink and white varieties, on hillsides all around Maine, at the moment.

Highbush Blueberries
And, nearby are the highbush blueberries, which still have a few blossoms hanging on, as well as the beginnings of blueberry fruits. My wellies are looking forward to tromping around the blueberry plants as the season comes into full swing. Ah...blueberries... Of course, we'll be lucky to harvest any of the sweet fruits before the birds get ahold of them!

Muddy path to the pond
"Okay, okay," I told my wellies, "we'll go over to the pond now!" wellies were chomping at the bit to tromp through a bit of mud. Go figure! That is what they are made to do, so off we went at a jaunty pace...

Ahh.... The pond is ever so refreshing...
Wellies at Caesar Pond
My wellies just couldn't resist propping themselves up against a boulder so that they could gaze at Caesar Pond. Because they are rather short of stature, my wellies were forbidden to wade in the pond as my feet would get too wet. So, they were satisfied to gaze at it from afar.

Poison Ivy
While we were lazing around, we saw some poison ivy next to the boulder. So, I decided to educate my wellies as to the dangers of this wily plant! I have had a reaction to poison ivy in the past, and do not want a repeat performance! I told my wellies to remember the age-old saying, "Leaves of three, let it be."

And with that, we ended our first outing together. I'm sure my wellies and I will have lots of great adventures throughout the summer and autumn seasons. We will dedicate each adventure to my sister, and we'll thank David for uniting us as we explore the environs of Bowdoin!