Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Asiatic Lily

Neighbor Carla has the most gorgeous Asiatic Lily in her gardens. And, yes, I must photograph it every year. I never tire of its beauty. Of course, it was a breezy day, and I took forever to photograph it in all its glory. Here are a few of the more successful photos I captured. Enjoy!
You might wonder why it takes so long to photograph a flower on a windy day. Why not just snap a photo? Well, when doing macrophotography, you must have absolute stillness or you get a blurry photo. So, I wait patiently, continually focusing on the flower, until I see it stop moving, then I snap a few photos as fast as I can (which, in order to get more depth of field, takes several seconds per photo as the shutter does its thing.) Any movement that occurs during that time yields a blurry photo.