Friday, July 31, 2015

Harbor Seals

Small, exposed rocks are perfect for a morning snooze. We were boating at low tide and the seals were taking full advantage of their rock. The island was no longer visible on the incoming tide. 
Snoozing space is at a premium.
There was lots of chatter as the seals vied for their tanning beds.
There were lots of seals swimming all around the rock
and the harbor. They were popping up all over the place!
Harbor Seals are plentiful along the Maine coast, and they breed here from May through June. They return to Canadian waters in the fall. You can find them basking in the sun, on rocky outcroppings of islands in protected bays, like Maquoit Bay, in harbors, like that of South Freeport, and even on sandy beaches. I think that one of my favorite characteristics of the harbor seal is their variability in coloration. They sure are pretty beasties!

We can't thank Corey enough for treating us to the boat ride. It was wonderful, and we are hoping to do it again soon! We had such a pleasurable morning, and I must say that this is the highlight of our summer.

Please note that we didn't get too close to the rock. I used my 70-200 mm lens to shoot the photos. The seals went about their business even with us nearby.