Saturday, July 18, 2015

Daylilies of my gardens-Catalog of varieties

SET # 1 - Up Left: South facing woods
Up Center and Upper Right: East end of lily line
Lower Left: Sunny Garden left of center; Lower Right: 2nd Stump
I am cataloging the daylilies as I will need to know where each of the different types of daylilies are so that we can dig them up in springtime for transplanting, if necessary.
SET # 2 - Up Left: Sunny Garden right of center; Up Center: Middle of lily line;
Up Right: Main Stump Garden north of peony
Lower Left: Sunny Garden; Lower Right: South facing woods right of hydrangea.

SET # 3 - Up Left: Sunny Garden; Up Center: West End Lily Line;
Up Right: Middle of lily Line - Tertiary stump and in Sunny garden-front;
Lower Left: Stump #2; Lower Right: Huge Peach Daylily in Lily Line center
SET # 4 - Up Left: Stump Garden; Up Center: Sunny Garden far left
Up Right: South facing side garden next to peony;
Lower Left: Sunny Garden middle back next to Arctic Hibiscus
Lower Right: East end of Lily Line / Center of lily line