Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maiden Voyage of the "EV Colossal"

We took the "EV Colossal" (Ha!) out for its maiden voyage this afternoon. First, Drew and I went out together. Then, Neighbor Carla joined me for a short cruise across the pond and back. We actually came upon a flock of 8 mallard chicks who were just paddling along nearby. They did not seem to be bothered by us at all.

The motor is battery powered, and is quiet as can be. It has good speed at full throttle, and cruises along nicely at 1st speed. We went forward and backward with ease. And, I docked the boat as smoothly as if I had been a pro. Unfortunately, we don't have any video evidence of my steering prowess;-) Fun, fun, fun!

By the way, we are trying to come up with a good name for the boat. If you think of one, shoot us an e-mail;-)