Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Dock

Dale and the new roll-in dock. See the slight arch to the dock wood? 
That was done to put it under tension to strengthen the structure. Genius!
We have a new dock! Yahooooo!!! Neighbor Dale, a master craftsman, built the wheels/substructure by hand, by pounding out the metal (cool stuff), and created spokes out of pieces of rebar. He finished the assembly today. It took him about 10 hours to build this masterpiece. Thank you, Dale!
Wicked cool wheels. See the bolts on each of the vertical posts? 
When loosened, they allow the poles to slide up and down, to level the dock,
after it has settled into the pond bottom. Genius!
Tomorrow afternoon is launch time! Then, once we see that all is well, we'll buy the boat and all the accessories. Very soon, I will be mobile on the water once again. 

Ahhhhhhhhh...I have missed the pond so much...but she and I will be reunited, and life should be much calmer. My soul will be somewhat soothed...