Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wicked Bad Thunderstorm cycle

We are in an afternoon thunderstorm cycle at the moment. Yesterday, I was hoping to go boating after returning home from summer school, but alas, my favorite custodian, Moe, was right. We got one heck of a thunderstorm, which hit around 2:30 pm, and lasted until 3:30 pm. We had hail, wind, and driving rain.

The storm took out many of my gorgeous gladioli flower stems, of which three are now residing in a vase. A big maple tree snapped off and downed Neighbor Ernie's mailbox, and we spent some time helping him to remove the tree and set the box up to be somewhat usable until Ernie does his magic on it.

We also lost power until 6 pm. It is ironic that we haven't had refrigeration for 15 days (due to unfortunate circumstances), and just got the fridge repaired yesterday. We got it running for about 3 hours before losing power. Geez... But, all is well now and we actually have food in the darned thing. Life is back to "normal" whatever "normal" is;-)

3:45 pm Refrigerator Update: Grrrr....the fridge side is not cooling down properly and we just went grocery shopping...Grrrr......Back to square one with a call to the repair service. Darn. We should have known better than to have bought food to be refrigerated...