Friday, July 31, 2015

Morning boat ride on the Sea Walker

My co-worker, Corey, kindly took us on a boat ride from the South Freeport Harbor. We left the dock at around 6:30 am and returned at 8:20 am. The morning was sunny, cool, and calm. The water was glassy smooth, and just perfect for a jaunt around the harbor and the nearby bay.
Captain Corey and the Sea Walker. We had such a great time, and were happy that the water was so calm as we haven't been on a motorboat in 17 years. We are not what are known as seafaring people;-)
Our journey began as the sun was rising over the islands. The morning light cast warm tones over the harbor as we journeyed toward the bay.
I love wood trim on boats. It gives them a timeless look. The bottom two photos are of a Canadian designed fishing boat. In Canada, taxes are levied for the square footage of the amount of your boat that comes in contact with the water. So, boats have been designed to maximize space and to minimize contact with the water! We saw lots of beautiful scenery on our trip, including many interesting boats in a couple of different harbors.
And, no harbor is complete without the Marine Patrol keeping an eye on things. These guys have a super fast boat. Check out the dual 225 hp engines, which can propel the boat at upwards of 75 mph! Also, in Freeport, we saw a castle! Well, only the tower is left of the Casco Castle, which was built as a tourist attraction/hotel in 1903. It now stands on private property.
Gorgeous rocky islands and birds galore!
There were lots of islands dotting the seascape, as well as bird life. We saw Common Eider ducks (which you can see in these photos.) This is a flock of females. "The Common Eider is the second most common nesting bird on the islands of Maine (after the Herring Gull)." "The Common Eider is our largest duck, about 25 inches long, and is a diving duck living largely on blue mussels swallowed whole. It also eats other small shellfish, crabs, shrimp, urchins, and some fish." (Kidwell, Al. Maine Geographic Coastal Birds: A Guide to Birds of Maine’s Beautiful Coastline. Freeport, ME: DeLorme Mapping Company, 1983. Print.)