Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Poking around on Caesar Pond

A bit of pond scenery on a foggy morning.
Ahhh...I spent 3 hours just poking around on Caesar Pond. I brought the camera (forgot the tripod), and had a blast. It was foggy as heck out there, until around 10:30 am, and mysterious looking, with the fog and mist rolling past the boat along the surface of the water.
Spider webs abound on the islands.
As I was puttering along, sometimes humming a song, I witnessed spider webs of all varieties blanketing practically every surface of the islands. It so happened that I was wearing my spider shirt (which I cannot wear in public as it grosses too many people out;-), and I thought it so apropros as I thoroughly respect spiders and their importance to life on Earth.
Upper Left: Arrowhead (see leaf shape)    Upper Right: Cattail
Lower Left: Pitcher Plant             Lower Right: Red Maple leaf
There were still many pond plants in bloom (from grasses, to pitcher plants, to aquatic plants), but I only photographed a few of them. I want to go back out with my close-up lens (100 mm lens) to do a thorough job of it.
I saw very little in the way of pond life. But, I did see some painted turtles as I toured the shoreline. One turtle was very curious about me and swam toward the boat several times. I also saw what I think is a species of hoverfly on the arrowhead flowers. But, I couldn't I.D. it from my guide books.