Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mom's view of the natural world through painting

I love looking at artwork, but have no talent for drawing and painting (due to never having pursued it.) Mom, however, is another story. She has always been artistic and has dabbled in all things artsy throughout her life. I envy her many talents. One of my favorite periods of Mom's life was the oil painting period. Mom painted for a period of about 10 years; she use water colors and dabbled in oils. I love her work. It is simplistic, yet beautiful, and shows a love of nature.  Now, at the age of 84, I wish that she would take up painting again. 
I miss the hand painted cards she used to send me. They are so special.
This card, of Woodbury Pond, was painted after we took Mom and Dad canoeing. We saw quite a few loons as we traversed the pond and Mom sent me this card soon after. What a great memory of a fun day together. The cards sit on a shelf downstairs where I can see them when lounging in front of the wood stove.
Once, I mentioned how much I enjoyed watching the nuthatches who favored the maple tree outside our kitchen window. And, not too long after that conversation, I received this painting. I liked it so much, that I asked her to paint another one for me.
Chickadees are my all-time favorite bird. They are so brave, and allow me to get within inches of them for photographic purposes. They are great models. Mom painted this snowy picture for me, of a chickadee on a hemlock tree.
Well, to make a trio of small paintings, I asked for one more...that of the Cedar Waxwing. These birds often hang around the north end of the pond, and give me lots of company as I sit for long periods of time waiting for subjects to photograph. I love, love, love it!
And, my favorite painting of all is the one of Peggy's Cove lighthouse, in Nova Scotia. Mom, Dad, and sister Jane took a trip to Nova Scotia together many moons ago. They fell in love with Peggy's Cove. And, this painting is a result of that trip. It graces a wall in our dining room. It symbolizes our collective love for the ocean. Moms are awesome, and I know that I have the best Mom in the world! I love you, Mom...forever, and ever, and ever...

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