Friday, November 20, 2015

Pond Prowling at Sunset

I felt a great need to hop in the boat after what felt like a long week at school. With the time change, I rarely saw the sunshine during the week, so I just had to go for a pond prowl, even if only for an hour, and even though the air temperature had dropped into the high 40's.
The sun dropped down behind the trees within a few minutes of my launch, and the sky got dusky fast.
As you can see, the deciduous trees have all lost their leaves, and the starkness of late autumn has begun.
I crossed over to the western shore to check out a deserted beaver lodge.
Then, I headed to the north cove to check out the duck boxes, and to search for our resident beaver.
I didn't see the beaver, but he tail-slapped the water three times to let me know of his disapproval of my presence in his territory.
I soon saw the moon, situating itself high over the pond, signaling approaching darkness.
The shadows began to deepen, and I realized that I had better head for home as darkness was descending rapidly on the pond.
As I began motoring toward the south end, I found that I couldn't see much of the water's surface because I had forgotten to bring a flashlight. I came up with an ingenious solution! I periodically half pressed the shutter button of the camera as if to take a picture. Looking through the view finder, I found that the camera was quite good at gathering light, and I could see the surface of the water, and the tree-line, just enough to find the dock.
Of course, I had to take a few more parting shots of the calm, watery reflection of trees and clouds.
And, then I bid the pond a fond adieu...Sleep soundly, my friend...

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