Friday, November 6, 2015

Pond Prowling on a warm afternoon

Ahhh... the joys of pond prowling after a rough week of school. Today seemed like the longest day ever. Maybe it was because I knew that I was going boating as soon as I got home. And, I did. I was out on the water by 3:45 pm, and I enjoyed every minute of the hour I spend poking around. It was rather cloudy out, and the sun set at 4:30 pm, but since the sky stays light until 5pm, I was able to bebop around to my heart's content.
The predominant colors are gold and burnt, orangey brown this time of year. The oak and beech trees are the only deciduous trees to still hang onto their leaves, but even they are dropping a few leaves here and there.
I love photographing sunsets, and the clouds added a bit of drama to the sky. 
This was my favorite photo from the prowl. I was still at the north cove as the clouds were lit from below. Shortly after this shot, darkness set in and I headed for home.

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