Thursday, December 31, 2015

Laurie's New Year Resolutions

Here we go again...I didn't meet any of my last year's resolutions, so I am going to try again, as I am bound and determined to make positive changes in my life. Here are my New Year Resolutions:
1. Spend more time with my wonderful family doing outdoor adventures. And, plan a big adventure for each summer. This year's adventure - Machias Seal Island!
2. Leave school by 3pm each day.   
3. Spend more time photographing pond life, from ice-out to ice-in, on my Pond Prowler. And, photographically catalog the life on one small island of the pond.
4. Cut out the electronics time and spend more time doing the things I truly enjoy, like researching and photographing lichens, photographing my sand samples, improving my macro-photography techniques, and learning how to stack photos of the night sky for some awesome Milky Way shots.  
5. Start writing the contents for my first outdoorsy children's book. I know, I know...silly... but who knows! I might get lucky enough to get it published someday;-) 
6. Exercise and eat right to become a healthier individual.  
7. Have monthly check-in's, with neighbor Shannon, as to my success with these resolutions. 

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