Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yellow-throated Warbler update (rare bird in Maine)

I just got this message from the American Birding Association - Birding News "Maine Bird News" network (where I uploaded information about the warbler):
Ralph Eldridge says:
Good bird and a chance it will hang around.
 I've had one at my feeders for 6 weeks or so. It goes for suet exclusively, although it occasionally checks other feeders for insects. 
Presenting suet in a manner that minimizes competition was the key for me. I molded soft suet to fit a globe-caged feeder, thus eliminating Starlings, Jays, Woodpeckers etc. Chickadees are the biggest bird that can enter and they are no trouble. (See Photo Below.)
My warbler has a definite pattern (most of the time). Appears suddenly, but look for it when Chickadees arrive. Goes right to the suet but rarely stays there for more than 30 seconds, making it really easy to miss. Leaves the suet with a morsel which it eats nearby. Then it likely will forage nearby, especially searching nooks and cracks of building, from peak to foundation. 
Appearances begin fairly early in the morning at intervals of 15 minutes or more.
Appearances are lowest during the middle of the day and are greatly influenced by feeder activity. The more birds around, the more the warbler comes, although the warbler is not sensitive to human presence. I've had it come in and feed while I was filling feeders only 3 feet away. The most predictable time to see the warbler is late day feeding rush: mid to late afternoon and often too dark for photos.
Photo by friend of Ralph Eldridge on Dec. 27th
(Click on the photo for a larger view.)
This is great information for me. We'll try to find a globed cage feeder asap to accommodate our little warbler. 

I'll go out and photograph the bird today, if I see it again. We do have the woodpiles and wood bins that it could also find spiders and other insect food in;-)  Thanks for the information and photo, Ralph!

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