Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our new suet feeder & Yellow-throated Warbler Daily Update

The Nuttery NT075 Oval Suet Cake Feeder

We received our new suet feeder a few days ago, and Drew put it up yesterday. It is supposed to be squirrel-proof and only lets in the smaller tweety birds. Thus far, Drew has only seen a chickadee, a downy woodpecker, and a hairy woodpecker feeding from it. The downy woodpecker is the only bird who dared to enter the cage. The warbler doesn't seem to notice this feeder and prefers the feeder tacked to the tree.

Warbler Update: No photos today, and only two visitors. Lucas and Tracy Rousseau visited this afternoon and saw the warbler at 3:20 pm. Drew said that they must have only been at our house for a few minutes before seeing the warbler. Drew did not see the warbler at all, but then again, he wasn't looking for it as he was busy with other things. I can tell you one thing...I am going to leave school at the normal contractual time so that I can try to view the bird tomorrow. I feel so cheated as I rarely get home before dusk.

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