Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yellow-throated Warbler Daily Update (rare bird in Maine)

Well, today was a bust at seeing the warbler. I wasn't home in the morning, due to appointments, but I did spend 2.5 hours outside with my camera, in search of the warbler. He was a no-show... This makes 13/32 visitors who have not been successful in seeing "our" warbler.

However, I did meet a nice assortment of birders who I stood outside with at various times. The following birders graced our yard, from 11:30 am - 4:15 pm today (and I must say that our Yellow-throated Warbler Visitor's Log is beginning to look like a "Who's Who" of the birding world in Maine:)
Steve and Debby Muire?, Louis and Cathy Bevier, Rob O'Connell, Fletch Missud, and Wendell Blood, and Judith Scher. 

Thanks to Rob for pointing out the famous people in the Visitor's Log! By the way, I found this information about Louis Bevier :
Bird identification, systematics, and conservation, especially of wilderness areas, are core interests. He has worked as a tour guide for Field Guides, as an editor for The Birds of North America series, and as Associate Editor for the journal North American Birds. He is Chair of the Maine Bird Records Committee.
I got to listen to these birders chat about birds and they also gave me (a total novice to the bird watching world) a few tips on observing birds. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed your visits.

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