Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yellow-throated Warbler Update (rare bird in Maine)- The early birders see the bird! was not the day to see the warbler, for most people. However, Craig Kasselheim was our sunrise visitor, and he kept an eye on the feeder area from 6:55 am - 7:20 am. As he was pulling out of the driveway, he took one more look at the feeder station and saw the warbler! Yay! Here is what Craig had to say,
 I stayed at the well head from 6:55 - 7:40 before giving up and heading to the car. As I waited I noted 2 Downy's, 1 Hairy, 1 Pileated, and about 17 Mourning Doves (I think they roost in your neighbor's evergreen?).
I got in my car, very frigid!, noted the time, and began to pull out. I took one final look back at your feeding station and the bird was there! My look was all of 3 seconds, but it was a frontal view.
So, here are my log corrections! 6:55 - 7:40 YES! instead of no. Thanks again for your openness to the birding community. And it was nice to meet you, however briefly.
8:45 am Someone who did not sign in on the log book said:
The YTWA was present briefly at 8:45 am this morning (1/7)  coming briefly to the suet feeder and then moving rapidly through the branches of the tree - high up.  I think it was probably there earlier ( 8:15) again ever so briefly - moving too quickly to really get on it. It was very cold at that time - about 10 F. . . Brrr! It had to keep moving!
Unfortunately, the rest of the day's visitors were not successful. Drew said that a car full of 4 people showed up at around 9am - 9:25 am, among them was Doug Hitchcox (staff naturalist with the Maine Audubon Society). Bill Bunn did not see the warbler on his short visit of 12:25? - 1:30. Joe and Diane Scott visited from 1:45 - 2:15 - no sighting, and lastly Misty Monroe stayed from 2:44 - 4:05 with no sighting. I left school at contract time, in order to get home in time for enough daylight to photograph the warbler. No luck...But, I had the privilege of hanging out with Misty from around 3:20 -4:05, and at least we got to chat about birds... 

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