Saturday, March 12, 2016

One more day until ice out, I hope!

Geez...I hardly slept last night as it felt a bit like Christmas Eve. I absolutely couldn't wait until morning to see the state of the ice on Caesar Pond! Yesterday morning, the entire south half of the pond was still ice-covered, although it had a deep blue tint to it that let me know that it was very thin and would be melting very fast. Today, is an entirely different story as all but the south end (near the snow mobile entrance) is ice free. 

I am hoping that ice out will occur by tomorrow afternoon as the overnight temp. will only drop to 34 F, before rising to 53 F tomorrow afternoon. There will be a bit of a breeze which will help push waves against the edge of the ice to help melt it and move it. Once that happens, we can help our neighbors put their dock in the water, and vice versa.
Oh yes, the only water fowl we've seen thus far are a pair of Canada geese. Hopefully, there will be other ducks quacking to their hearts delight soon.
Here is a picture of me at the pond, 6 years ago today. As you can see, I was just getting ready to do a bit of ice-breaking with my kayak. Alas, those fun times are over...But, soon I'll be prowling the pond in my EV Colossal!

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