Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Birds and flowers on a snowy day

Our poor springtime flowers. The alternating super cold nights and warm days wreaked havoc on the spring bulbs. I have had very few daffodils actually hold their flower stalks upright, and a vole has demolished lots of the bulbs in my main stump garden. Thus, it has been a very disappointing flower season. I was hoping that the later blooming daffodils would brighten the yard with strong stems, and that looked to be the case yesterday, but it all changed today. And, we are supposed to get temperatures dipping into the 20's overnight, so I don't hold much hope for my early spring bulbs anymore...
A group of gregarious grackles chowed down on bird seed today.
Drew took some time to shoot a few photos of birds visiting our bird feeder and bird bath! I actually had him set up the hummingbird feeder today, as well.
The grackles were cantankerous as usual. I love the splayed out tail of this bird. It is so pretty.
This grackle was searching for seeds that fell into the snow.
Drew also saw a few sparrows who flew in after the grackles.
White-throated sparrow, adult white striped individual.
This white-throated sparrow really shows off the beautiful, yellow lores between its beak and eyes. There are several different color patterns displayed by these sparrows.
White-throated sparrow, adult tan-striped individual.
This individual is more of a tan-striped individual. The yellow lores are not as prominent, and the head stripes are more tan than white. It's breast is more gray in color as well.

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