Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cloudy, cold and sad day

I am not having the best of days. It is cloudy, cold, and damp out. And, I am having a difficult time finding just the right way to honor my sister, as this is the one year anniversary of her death. 
Lilac buds
Last year, our lilac bush bloomed for the first time ever on this sad day, and it brightened my spirits upon arrival home several days later. This year, the cold weather has delayed the bloom. But, the flower buds are such a pretty, deep purple and the anticipation of their opening is exciting...
Trout Lily
I wandered around the yard looking for other flowers to cheer my soul. The trout lilies are in full bloom and are absolute lovely. I spent a few moments admiring their yellow beauty. They are like a ray of sunshine on this dreary day.
And, there are some daffodils that have survived the hard frost and snow. They do wonders for bringing light into my heart as they are some of my favorite, hardy and dependable garden flowers.
Bleeding Heart
And, last but not least, are the bleeding hearts. They are usually in full bloom by now, but this year the flowers are still forming. I love their deep red beauty and delicate structure no matter what phase of flowering they are in.

To sister, Jane, I salute you! You were always the brightest ray of sunshine to penetrate my being as we traversed our sisterly life together. Your soul radiated the beauty of all the flowers on Earth bundled together. I miss you dearly...

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