Saturday, May 21, 2016

First gardening day of spring

Oh my goodness, it was a gorgeous day today. The outdoor temperature rose to about 76F; there was a light breeze, and it was sunshiny and bright. I donned my shorts and short-sleeved shirt and dug, dug, dug, dug, dug in the dirt! I planted a new azalea, one of those that could get to be 6' across and '6 high, if in the right conditions. It is a "red" one, although the flower is actually a deep coral color. It really brightens up the area behind the bird feeder. Because it is going to be in a bit of shade, I don't hold hope that it will get too big, which is fine with me.

I then planted about half of the mini-gladiolus, and ran out of potting soil. I'll plant the rest of them tomorrow (on top of, and in front of the main stump, and in front of the secondary stump.) I kind of lost the label for the red ones, so I have no idea which bulbs they are because I put them in the same tray to overwinter in the basement with a different color (but I forgot which tray I put them in) "Surprise!" to me when they bloom...Ha!

Then, I fertilized all the azalea plants (which are all in different stages of flowering), the rhododendron, and the blueberry plants. I need to deadhead the daffodils, but will have to do that next weekend.

We'll have to make another trip back to The Home Depot tomorrow;-) I also forgot to buy cucumber seeds and zucchini seeds, and will get them as well. Oh yes, and maybe we'll get another City Pickers Patio Garden Kit, like we got last year. I would like to use the new one for the cukes and maybe a few tomato plants. I will set it on the deck and Drew will double the height of the cage around it so the cukes have lots of space to climb. The other Garden Kit will be used for my lettuce, spinach and arugula...Yummmmmyyyyy.....

I'll try to take a few photos tomorrow, if I have time. Geez, I haven't held the camera in my hands much lately, and the last time I did, it was with the video camera out on the pond, but I haven't had time to process any video, due to too much school work. Dang, I need a 3 day weekend so that I can get everything done that needs doing, and still have time to play. Although, I consider gardening and photography playing;-) But, I can never get enough of it!

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