Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hairy Woodpecker Mom and Chick

I happened to glance out of the kitchen window, whilst preparing dark chocolate brownies, and spied an adult female hairy woodpecker...
 feeding her male chick (who was bigger than she was;-)
Sorry for the fuzzy photos. I was shooting (hand-held) through the kitchen window so as not to disturb the birds, and it was drizzling as well. So, the photos are not the clearest.
Confused about the difference between hairy and downy woodpeckers? Check out Cornell University's Project Feeder Watch
Hairy woodpecker near feeder / downy woodpecker below.
Look at the difference in bill length!
The hairy woodpeckers have longer beaks ("as long as the distance from the base of the bill to the back of the head"), and solid white outer tail feathers, among other features.

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