Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just a few garden delights

I was messing around with one of my lenses, and took a few photos of some of my flowers. As I was photographing parts of the front stump garden, a clearwing hummingbird moth made an appearance. This isn't the sharpest of photos as I was in still-photo-taking-mind-mode;-)
These moths sound like hummingbirds and move like them as well. Just after photographing it, a real hummingbird flew in to sip nectar from the bee balm. But, he flew away before I could capture a photo of him.
This Fire King Crocosmia plant is one of my favorite bulbs. This is the first of its flowers to open. I love the color of the flower and of the stem and buds. Gorgeous!
I have also left a number of poppy seed heads to mature. They provide quite a contrast with all the brightly colored flowers.
And, lastly, one of our high bush blueberry plants is happily producing quite a few blueberries for the first time. Of course, we've only picked a few berries, whereas a bluejay has eaten most of the others as they have ripened. How do I know? By the feather he left behind after one of his forays into the plant;-)

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