Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Patio Garden

Our patio garden is very happy this summer, and the plants seem to enjoy the heat so long as we water them regularly.
The first tomatoes are ripening.
We actually picked a couple of tomatoes last week and found the skin to be thick and chewy. I have a feeling this species of tomato is bred for beauty over taste and skin thickness. So, we are allowing these to ripen well into maturity in hopes that the skin is more tender. 
I am a fan of growing pickling cucumbers. We put 6 cucumber plants into our grow box. The cukes have been growing by leaps and bounds. Note: For maximum crunchiness, refrigerate a freshly picked cucumber for a few hours before eating.
And, I had arugula in my dinner salad. Yummmm! Even though the first arugula plants are bolting, I have a secondary set of plants already growing behind the ones you see here.

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