Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weather Update

Ugh...I was not meant to live in a place where the daytime temperature rises into the 80's or above. In fact, as soon as the temperature rises above around 73F, I start to feel overly warm. Today, the outdoor temperature reached 87F, and tomorrow won't be any different.

I remember when we moved to Maine 16 years ago. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there were very few days that reached up into the 80s, and you could count, on one hand, the number of thunderstorms that hit all summer long. Boy, have times changed... as has the weather! Now, most of our summer days are in the 80's and thunderstorms are common.
July's weather from the 10th to the end of this week.
Click on the chart for a larger view.
Today, I went onto the front porch to water the tomatoes, cucumbers, and arugula, at around 3pm, and felt like I was in an oven. We put a thermometer on the porch and it read 113.7F. As we weren't sure of the maximum temperature the thermometer could handle, we took it inside at that point. Suffice it to say, our front deck was hotter than 114F. No wonder we are absolutely miserable and don't have much energy to work outdoors! I keep dreaming of moving to Iceland...go figure;-)

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