Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Eastern Phoebe

Thanks to naturalist, Josh Fecteau, I now know the identity of this bird. It was flitting around at the edge of Caesar Pond, amongst the white pines and maple trees. I initially thought it was an Eastern Phoebe, but then thought it might be Eastern Wood Pewee. After looking at a comparison of features from this website, I looked at the bill of this bird. It is all dark, and is a characteristic of a phoebe.
It would fly out to capture insects, then come back to the branches at the edge of the pond to munch. 
I know that these aren't very good photos, but my boat was rocking a bit as I attempted to take the photos.  This one shows the tail. What I neglected to do was notice tail wagging behavior. It really is important to look at physical features, behaviors, and calls when trying to identify birds.

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