Sunday, August 21, 2016

Campobello Vacations - First Annual Bay of Fundy International Marathon

The main reason that we first vacationed in Campobello, in 2013, was to attend the First Annual Bay of Fundy International Marathon in support of our dear friends, Amie and Benji Durden. They have both run over 100 marathons, and have run at least one in each of states of the United States. In 2013, they were in need of a marathon in Maine, and this fit the bill. In fact, they were able to count it as running in two countries, as the marathon began in Lubec, hit the 1/2 way mark at the tip of Campobello, and then finished back in Lubec. Fun!
Amie and Benji shared a cabin with us and, upon their arrival, we shared some sunset views from Friar's Head, just down the road from the cabin. It was a great introduction to the beauty that is Campobello.
We visited Eagle Hill Bog and the "Rock of Gibralter", a giant boulder dropped off by a glacier about 14,000 years ago! Of course, I had to photograph Amie at the Mulholland Point Lighthouse.
Amie and Benji walk back to the cabin after packet pick-up
in preparation for race day.
Then, it was packet pick-up day and race prep. We spent morning hours at West Quoddy State Park, then the afternoon at the Roosevelt Cottage.
The runners are still fresh at Mile 7
Race Day dawned early, and as Amie and Benji headed for Lubec, we walked up toward Friar's Head and camped out at the 7 mile marker.
The course was challenging and hillier than lots of people suspected.
Benji won 3rd place for his age group.
Amie placed in the top 15 of her age group.
We amused ourselves for an hour or so, while waiting for the return of the runners, and then we camped out at the 25 mile marker. Amie and Benji ran well and placed high, out of 500 runners. It was so much fun to get together for four days during this event.
Best Friends Forever are hard to come by, and we sure are lucky!

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