Sunday, August 21, 2016

Campobello Vacations - An Island Chalet

Upper Left: Old signage
Upper Right: New sign that will be erected soon.
Bottom: Far house - residence of Rob and Diane / Then cabin # 5 and
nearest cabin # 4. We have stayed in both of them. 
Our favorite place to stay on Campobello (the only place we've ever stayed there) is An Island Chalet. Rob and Diane Lahey run the business and are very good hosts. They have five cabins, and we have stayed in both Cabins 4 & 5. The cabins are all identical inside. When we visited in 2013, we shared the cabin with our good friends, Amie and Benji Durden (who came to run the marathon.) There is a loft with a queen sized bed upstairs, and two twins downstairs.
The views from the cabins are great as they look out onto a small bay. The map shows the distance from the border checkpoint, just over the bridge, to the cabins.
I read one review of the cabins where someone mentioned that they saw a whale offshore!
And, we can watch the 25 foot tide change as well!
There are lovely sunrises to be seen from the cabin, and many are in fog.
We see some gorgeous sunsets from the cabins as well!

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