Monday, August 29, 2016

Just a bit of rain in the barrel

Roof runoff falling into a rain barren during a light rain shower.
Gee, what were you doing at 2:15 am? Catching some zzzzz's? Me too, except that I was awakened by some tiny hydrometeors hitting the roof. 

I jumped out of bed to check an empty rain barrel, to see if it was positioned optimally for water capture. I found that, even with this gentle rain shower, some water was making its way from the roof to the barrel, but not enough. So, I went down and scooted the barrel toward the house just a few inches. We caught about 8 gallons of roof runoff, which is better than nothing. By the way, the barrel holds 55 gallons. 

We use this water primarily for a few select garden flowers/shrubs and the blueberry plants that have ceased producing berries. We don't use it on vegetables or fruits because of salmonella bacteria from all the bird poop on the roof.
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Hydrometeor, any water or ice particles that have formed in the atmosphere or at the Earth’s surface as a result of condensation or sublimation. Water or ice particles blown from the ground into the atmosphere are also classed as hydrometeors. Some well-known hydrometeors are clouds, fog, rain, snow, hail, dew, rime, glaze, blowing snow, and blowing spray. 
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