Monday, October 17, 2016

A late autumn afternoon on Caesar Pond

I just had to get out on the boat this afternoon. The temperature was in the low 70's, the air was dry, and there was a slight breeze. All in all, it was absolutely lovely out on the water. I used my 70mm-200mm lens on this trip, and began my photo session as close to shore as I could be to still get a view down the entire eastern shoreline. More of the focus was on the trees closest to me.
Then, I let the wind push me further back toward the south shore, and out from the shore a bit. This gave me a slightly different perspective, of the trees, as the pine branches reach out over the pond more in this view. I like this added texture to the photo.
I motored toward the middle of the pond and shot straight at the eastern shore. The sun had lowered a bit and the light really brought out the vibrance of the colors. I chose this shot due to the contrast of the broken pine tree backed by vibrant maples.
This land used to be pasture before the pond was created. This is an old rock wall that cuts up to the road. This little section of the pond reminded me of Colorado in autumn, with the range of colors from yellow to brown.
I continued motoring to the north cove and was delighted by this view as the wind was calming down. Brilliantly colored reflections were starting to appear on the water's surface.
The center tree is one of my favorite maples on the shoreline surrounding the pond. The tree to the left of it has it's bark covered with lichens, and is like a bright, white beacon calling me over for a brief inspection.
I am happy to see that this tree, with it's duck box, has remained standing for so long. I have been photographing it seasonally, during autumn, for 15 years! The tree will eventually fall, but until then I will enjoy its stark beauty.

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