Monday, October 17, 2016

Autumn on Caesar Pond (and beaver activity)

During my pond prowl, I saw more beaver activity than I have ever seen in the 16 years we have lived here. There was a tremendous amount of tail slapping (unfortunately I never did catch any of it on video.) I thought that the beavers might do this to defend their territory from each other, but I haven't found any evidence of it other than to warn each other of an intruder. I was causing quite a stir on the pond (being the only "intruder" out there) because, of the four beavers that I saw, three of them tail slapped quite often. Fun!

There are three active beaver lodges, and I'll bet that the inhabitants are probably all descended from each other. I have no idea how many beavers there actually are, but this is also a record number of lodges. I would imagine that there will be traps laid this winter to lessen the population. If there are too many beavers, they will start moving further inland in search of food, and may start taking down trees in our yards.

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