Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Looking Up - A walk through the woods in autumn

The trail from Wagg Rd. to the western edge of Caesar Pond.
Looking up, and craning your neck for a better view, is what leaf peepers do for about two weeks per year! Drew took our Greyhounds out for a two hour walk in the woods this morning. His goal was to photograph woodsy colors on the way to Caesar Pond.
He wasn't disappointed. Autumn is so fleeting, and the colors are so vibrant. 
Everywhere you look there are sugar maple trees (brilliant oranges and yellows), red maple trees (brilliant reds), and oodles of other trees in varying leaf color change. 
Of course, the richness of the sky, in contrast to the leaves, helps make for a stunning view.
Ooohhh... neck strain...
We've got some tall, beautiful trees out in our neck of the woods!
Trees at the edge of Caesar Pond
The sun was still low in the sky, and it shone through the leaves as Drew came to his pond destination. 
Just because there is beauty in the trees doesn't mean that
you can't look down;-)
Life doesn't get much better than a walk in the woods on a stunning autumn day...Unless, of course, you are a fish<*)))<

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