Saturday, October 8, 2016

Popham Beach

The drive along Route 1, toward Bath.
The trees are at peak color and are simply stunning!
We went to Popham Beach again. Autumn is one of our favorite times to visit as it isn't too hot, and there aren't very many people there.
I brought my new wide-angle lens to try it out on the large expanse
of beach at low tide;-)
We can never get enough of the beach, the wide expanse of sand...
Low tide allows us to walk the sand bar to get to Fox Island!
There were a few waves, although it wasn't very rough, breaking over the rocks and outcroppings near the beach.
The water seems to caress the rocks, as it washes back and forth with each wave. This weathering action erodes the rock and creates the tiny particles that make up the sands of our magical world.

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