Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Environmental note of encouragement

Post-election blues... Upon coming home this evening, after a rather somber day at work, I read my e-mails and found this uplifting note from Lisa Pohlmann, exective director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. I'd like to share it here as I will need to read it periodically to stay positive.
Today we awoke to the results of a bitter and divisive election, wondering what it all means. 
The outcome has many of us deeply concerned about whether the harsh rhetoric of the campaign will translate into policies that put our communities and places we love at risk.
At a time when we need to be coming together to solve problems facing our state, nation, and the planet, the campaign caused increased polarization, and tapped into fears and hatred like nothing that we have seen before.
Rather than despair, we must focus on those things within our reach that we can actually influence. We need to keep our eyes and hearts on what we love and are determined to protect.  We know how to stand up for the people, places, and values that matter to us.  And we will. 
I want you to know that the Natural Resources Council of Maine is more determined than ever to protect the places that we all love.  We will work with citizens and elected officials at every level—from the White House to the Maine Legislature to town councils—to protect a healthy environment that provides the foundation for our communities and our economy. 
There will be new environmental champions at the State House, too, like former NRCM Executive Director Brownie Carson – a new State Senator – and several other lawmakers who are longstanding NRCM members. They will join many other lawmakers who care deeply and will work hard to protect Maine’s environment.
We know that an overwhelming bipartisan majority of voters here in Maine value clean air and clean water just as much today as they did yesterday, and they are not interested in rolling back crucial protections. 
In the past year, we have seen more Mainers take action than ever before to promote solar energy, fight against weak mining rules, stand up for the Land for Maine’s Future program, and support establishment of Maine’s new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. 
We are inspired by the impressive efforts of Maine people who are working for a better future.  They are actions of hope, and expressions of love for Maine. We will face the effects of these elections for months and years to come, and continue to draw strength and encouragement from the importance of our mission and the support of people like you
NRCM will never let down its guard in defending Maine’s environment.  Now more than ever, we look forward to working with you to continue to move our agenda forward.
All our best,
Lisa Pohlmann
NRCM Executive Director

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