Thursday, December 22, 2016

Snowy Day

Snow Total thus far: 16.5" snow.

We got about 1.5 inches of snow today. It was wet and heavy due to the outdoor temp. being around 30F.

I trampled a trail from the street toward the pond.
View looking back at Neighbor Carla's house.
This was the first day of my Christmas vacation, and I took the entire day off. I walked over to the pond to check out the ice. We have yet to measure it, but as I chatted with neighbors Rhoda and Jeanetta , they told me that Dale had measured the ice, last week, at a bit over 4" thick.
Untrampled path to the pond
The ice is as slick as can be under the thin coating of snow. I know this firsthand as I almost fell down as I ventured about 10 feet out from shore. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT VENTURE OUT ONTO THE ICE WITHOUT YAK TRAX;-)
Rhoda was sitting on the ice to cool off from a hard skating workout.
In this photo you can barely see Jeanetta and Rhoda in the distance. They are great ice skaters.
This shot shows the northwestern view of the pond. One of the two active beaver lodges is barely visible due to my using the wide-angle lens, but in reality it is like a huge, white mounded beacon.

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