Friday, December 30, 2016

Ummm... This snow storm was a pretty good one!

SNOW TOTAL THUS FAR:  27.5" for this season.
The snow table was holding 9" of heavy, wet snow.
Well, the weather reports oscillated back and forth so much we didn't know what to expect. This is because we tend to be on a dividing line of coastal to inland weather conditions. 
In this case, we got all snow and only about 1/2 hour of freezing rain. Thus, we got a total of 11" from this storm. 
I shot this as the sunlight was just coming up over the horizon...
We didn't get the wind, but the snow was incredibly wet and heavy. Check out how much there is clinging to the branches, the bird feeder, the bench, etc.
We started clearing snow at 5am and this continued well into the afternoon. I must say that I am so exhausted that I didn't even go out to photograph the pond. The photos would have been magnificent... But, I had other, more important obligations today...
You can see where the branch broke off the tree and up-ended itself onto the power line.
We were without power from Thursday at 11:55 pm until 2:45 pm on Friday. And, we found that we were the last house on the street, with a branch hanging onto a power line, to get cleared. We got power within minutes of Asplundh cleaning up the line.

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