Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Snow Day # 3 (Ice storm)

Weather Map at 5:18 am
One heck of a Nor'easter, with sleet and freezing rain, is passing over us. It will last all day long and change to rain into the overnight hours. We might get up to 1" of sleet and ice covering everything. I am staying indoors... how about you? Stay safe...
Weather Map at 12:48 pm
We are still getting some slight freezing rain, but it is lessening. Drew is going to have to snow throw the driveway as the sleet that covers the ground is incredibly dense.
Weather Map at 12:52 pm - Broad view showing the entire storm.
And, here is an overview of the wider picture of the storm as it downgrades. We are still cold enough, inland, to have freezing rain for the next 4 hours before our outdoor temp warms up to 33F, whereupon the freezing rain will turn to just plain rain.

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