Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow Storm 7 am till completion - SNOW DAY # 6

We've added another 3/4" since 6 am, and the 7 am measurement is 11.5" of snow.
The wind is also picking up to 17 mph. We won't get blizzard conditions here in Bowdoin.
Check out the shape of this storm...a true Nor'easter as it wraps around and pulls moisture off the ocean.. This is the predicted model for noontime today as it slowly moves out to sea. 

It took Drew almost 2.5 hours to snow throw the paths around the house and the driveway, as well as over to the neighbor's house. What a job it is to move this much snow. I am glad we didn't get two feet as some areas received.
Here is our wood shed and garage. The snow has blown mostly to the south part of the roof due to the wind. I haven't looked in the wood shed in awhile, but Drew says he just has one more stacked row of wood, along the back wall of the shed, to burn this winter. Of course we have more wood split and ready to use out back. We'll stay plenty warm for the rest of the season.

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