Friday, May 12, 2017

Female Yellow-rumped Warbler

Even the female has a bit of yellow on her head.
Yahoo! We have a pair of Yellow-rumped Warblers! I got to photograph the female this afternoon while she visited the suet feeder multiple times.
The female has a brown mask.
The female doesn't have the black mask that the male has. She is much more brown in color, and the striping on her breast is finer. Of course, she also has that yellow rump!
She was not skittish at all. She continued to feed even though I was only about 18 feet away. I was leaning against the stacked wood pile.
In fact, Drew was stacking wood all afternoon and both birds flew in to feed even with all the commotion. I only saw the female this afternoon.
I heard the male call and the female may have called back.
But, feeding was her main purpose. I hope they build a nest around here somewhere;-)

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