Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Yellow-rumped Warbler (male)

I love springtime. Our bird feeders are host to birds that we often don't see until they migrate through. Today, it was a male yellow-rumped warbler who enjoyed the suet. Drew saw this bird while I was at school, so I wasn't able to view it personally. But, he got photos through the kitchen window again, thus they are a bit blurry. But, you can see the characteristics of this bird.
Here is a view to show you its breast and black mask patterning.
And, here is the yellow rump! Drew knows to photograph all actions of the bird for I.D. purposes. 
Could this be a male with the beginnings of the yellow crown feathers starting to come in? 

By the way, these birds are very common and are found in open woods and brushy areas during the winter, both of which we have in abundance all around us, and in coniferous forests in summer. It is strange that we've never seen them before at our feeders...

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