Monday, June 5, 2017

"How Many Did You Catch" cartoon

I brought my students on a field trip to Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary a few weeks ago, just like I always do. Some of them I dragged, kicking and screaming (not really), to the outdoors because I feel a huge responsibility to educate kids on the importance of forests and the environment. 
So many people no longer notice the great outdoors due to their obsessive cell phone/electronics use, and this cartoon is apropos to today's state of our society. Some of my students find the outdoors boring. Gee... go figure! I wish that more people would just unplug themselves and actually look around with wonder and joy at their surroundings.

I know that I am getting old when I have yet to find much use in cell phones (I am channeling my father when he didn't see the use in an answering machine;-) But, at least I see nature, see relationships in actions and reactions, see patterns, and appreciate what our planet has to offer. I am glad that I was born when I was because I feel so much more connected to Mother Earth than most of the new generation will ever be. That saddens me. Everyone should feel connected naturally and spiritually, not electronically...

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