Sunday, June 11, 2017

Just a few garden flowers in bloom

Petunias atop the well cover
We don't have many flowers in bloom at the moment, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph a few of them. I bought this pot of petunias to adorn the well cover in the front yard. This tradition began with the death of my sister two years ago, and it continues to this day.
Rhododendron flower cluster
My largest flowering plant, at the moment, is my magnificent rhododendron. It is in the back yard and is in full bloom. It is working toward filling up a huge corner of the yard;-)
Dame's Rocket
Continuing with the pink theme are the lovely Dame's Rocket. These flowers are in the front stump garden as well as the gardens next to the house. 
And, who can resist planting chives? Chives are such pretty flowers, which along with their stalks can be cut for salads.
I love lupines. In fact, I really don't think you can be a bonafide Mainer without having an obsession with lupines!
Check out the top section of the flower stalk. Here you can see the little reddish-brown structures (called calyx lips, maybe), along the outer edge of the closed flowers, that separate from the flower as the flowers open.
And check out the color of the "new" flowers. It seems as if they have more white on the banners.
Then, we have the older flowers, I believe, with more purple banners. Does the white change to purple as the flower ages, or is it just that the top most flowers are a bit differently colored than the lower flowers. I shall have to investigate further.
Okay, enough lupine photos! Check out the poppy flower. My poppy is in full bloom with 6 flowers open at once!
Poppy ovary with pistils and stamen
I absolutely love the purple stamens surrounding the ovary with its fuzzy stigmas. Sooo pretty... Check out the fallen the pollen that lines the base of the petals!

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