Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Life is grand...I've got a bug suit!

Bug Suit without gloves
As if life could get any better... Summertime is here and so are the mosquitoes! But, today I got my bug suit in the mail. Yay! Bring it on, mosquitoes. HA! You are foiled, I tell you...foiled! My main reason for getting the suit is for photography purposes. Early morning birding and late evening sky photo shoots have yielded me getting absolutely swarmed by skeeters. I am hoping that this will allow me to be outdoors during the most mosquito-laden parts of the day without having to be slathered in Deet!
My bug suit also has gloves (kinda large, but wearable.) The sleeves and ankles all cinch tight so I should be somewhat protected from mosquitoes wherever the suit stays off my skin. And, the headnet zips shut (you can see it is partially unzipped in this photo. I must wear a hat underneath it so that the mesh stays off my face and neck.

By the way, the Bug Pants are the Coghlans brand and are size small, while the Bug Jacket and Mitts are the Sea to Summit brand (sized medium.) They are meant to fit many sizes of people and are generally quite large.

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