Saturday, July 15, 2017

Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps have made a nest next to Neighbor Carla's bulkhead. Whooeee! The nest is medium-sized and has a fair number of wasps actively working to build the colony. At one point, you can see a wasp carrying something into the nest. And, there were always wasps doing repairs to the outside. Neato! (P.S. Look at the video full-screen to see more details;-)

Paper wasps are important pollinators, and our world food supply does revolve around insects. It would be great to be able to leave the nest alone (although it is in a high traffic area with Carla's gardening) as it should deter other wasps from building here next year. 

I was able to get fairly close with the video camera (on a tripod) and the wasps ignored me, although I did walk away slowly and tried not to do too much mucking around near the nest. Awesome!

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