Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Adventure List

Our summer adventure list has become reality. It is something we should have created back in May, but our busy life got in the way. We'll be lucky if we can accomplish at least one thing on the list. Here goes:

Summertime Adventures

  1. Sequin Island with Ethan DeBery. Gulls nest on the island and young gulls can be seen in nests in early to mid July.
  2. River Run Tours - Around Bath, Arrowsic, Georgetown (through July 28th)
  3. Machias Seal Island - Book island reservation and Bold Coast Charter reservation in February (go in late July/early August when seas are “calmer.”)
  4. Maine Maritime Museum Lighthouse and Nature Cruises (go through October 29th)
  5. Cap’n Fish’s Puffin/Whale Combo Cruise to Eastern Egg Rock - from Boothbay Harbor Pier 1. Check out Audubon Project Puffin.  (Through October 19th)
  6. Whale Watching - Odyssey Whale Watching Tour (Portland.)
  7. Monhegan Island - Monhegan Boat Line out of Port Clyde / Hardy Boat Cruises out of New Harbor
  8. Casco Bay Lines - Cruises and Tours
  9. Corey Walker’s boat - The Sea Walker - Freeport Harbor
  10. Oh yeah...Shannon says "Go To The Beach!"... Um...that might not happen until the next solstice when the weather is cooler;-)

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